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Tozo Q2022 Black Friday DealsBose makes a great sound system for movies. I use it in my children’s TV room and the DVDs and Netflix they watch sound fantastic. Tozo Q2022 Black Friday Deals 2022 Bose CineMate II’s complete system includes two small main speaker, one woofer, one small remote receiver, one small Infrared remote controller, and a set plug-in speakers cables. The two small speakers that make up the CineMate II system are the main speakers and their power amplifiers. CineMate is a cinema sound system that sounds amazing. The system has excellent dialog clarity, strong bass, and spatial sound. You can spend much more and still get a lot of value.

CineMate excels wherever you need high-quality sound and minimal installation. It’s easy to set-up in just seconds. Connect the woofer to the wall, then plug in the remote receiver cord and place it under your TV. You can place each speaker on a shelf at either end of your TV and then plug the speaker wires into its back. Once you are done, plug either a stereo RCA cord (or a TOSLINK) cable from your TV/player into the back of your remote receiver. I set my speakers on the furniture.

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It’s possible to purchase brackets or stands to help you install them more formal. I don’t bother. CineMate’s speakers are separated, producing a far more immersive sound than any soundbar. It is also much less expensive. CineMate is a cinema sound system that sounds amazing. The speakers produce exceptional dialog clarity and an enveloping, spatial sound. You can spend more, but get less.

It’s loud and very bassy. However, it’s not the best for Hi-Fi music listening. It can produce some distortion on pure tones in the majority of its range, which could be added as part of dialog clarification efforts. The voicing isn’t great but it’s perfect for parties and will work with any iPod dock. Crossover is 150 Hz. The woofer has a smooth, sturdy, and solid feel down to 41Hz. The woofer can cover the entire traditional music spectrum evenly. It has bass notes that are distinct. Each note has its own pitch. If played staccato, they sound staccato (detached but separate).

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This is better than home subwoofers with too much resonance that only boom the same note over and over. As you can see, the installation and control of the remote are easy. For best sound quality, I position the speakers so that they are close to the sidewalls. Bose recommends not letting the speakers get too far from your screen. Bose suggests that the speakers be pointed straight ahead. They shouldn’t be pointed towards the center of your room. Bose hopes the sound will bounce everywhere.

Only one input can ever be used. CineMate automatically determines which input to use, whether it’s the stereo RCA inputs of the TOSLINK connection. There are plenty of cables available. Bose provides plenty of cable. If you want to switch between sources, feed your CineMate directly from your TV. If the source controls the volume, the CineMate remote could adjust it to that level and you can then use your main remote. There are no decoding secrets; simply plug in a TOSLINK connector (not included) to determine whether the source is stereo or5.1. The CineMate system will then decode it accordingly. DSP synthesizes rear speakers and the phantom middle if it’s in 5.1. CineMate can’t be programmed for your existing remote controls to respond to CineMate remote control systems. The biggest problem is Tozo Q2022 Black Friday Deals 2022 that CineMate’s remote control system cannot be programmed to respond to your existing remote control.


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