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Stihl Electric Chainsaw Black Friday Deals 2022

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Last updated on September 26, 2022 9:51 am

Stihl Electric Chainsaw Black Friday Deals 2022This small Stihl saw has been impressing our testers for many years, going all the way back to its introduction in 2013. Full disclosure: I was originally suspicious of its own capability,  Stihl Electric Chainsaw Black Friday Deals 2022 so I pitted it against an equivalent gas-engine saw to see how it would pile up. The Stihl was the first truly powerful battery chainsaw power and performance to equal that of a small gasoline machine. Years later, it is still the most effective of its type by a long shot–after repeated tests against other battery-powered chainsaws. There are many excellent reasons for that. It cuts with electricity similar to a small gas-engine saw, and it has an astonishingly high power-to-weight ratio packaged into a well-balanced and easy-handling layout.

Stihl Electric Chainsaw Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

Not really, but it makes me sound tough. While I may not be a logger, I have felled my share of trees. I worked with my uncle, who had been a real logger in South Alabama. On that subject, a little storm rolled through our city a couple of months ago, the title was Irma, Hurricane Irma. One of the victims was a mature oak tree just outside one of our shops, struck by lightning through one of many thunderstorms. This is perfect time with the coming of this STIHL MSA 200 C chainsaw. Let us see how much real work this STIHL battery powered chainsaw can handle.

Stihl Electric Chainsaw Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

Deciding the box using the MSA 200 C chainsaw inside is somewhat perplexing. You get the sensation of: Did they forget to set the saw in here? Sure , the STIHL MSA 200 C chainsaw has been in there, sans bar, chainbattery. Obviously, picking up this from the local STIHL dealer, they will have this assembled and ready for you. Included with our installation, but in separate packs, would be the 14″ rollomatic mini bar, thin kerf blade, AP300 battery, and the charger.

Electric chainsaws also remove carburetors, fuel lines, spark plugs, and air filters, including the price and hassle of keeping, cleaning, and replacing those. Since they do not use gas, gas will not go bad within the saw. And some are so quiet, not only will they be disturbing to your neighbors and wildlife, but there’s less chance they’ll affect your hearing.

They’re also super easy to start. If you are an intermittent user, which can be what convinces one to make the switch. Electric chainsaws start if you launch the security and pull the trigger with your finger. There is no pull cable, so there is no requirement to leave a watched idling so you do not need to start it or to maintain the gasoline engine warm. Electric chainsaws turn on and off in a flash. And if they’re on, since they vibrate less, they are less tiring to use.

Deciding a fantastic feel for felling cuts while holding the chainsaw sideways is more about the comfort of applying pressure to the front and rear handles since you grasp it in the side, as well as the ease of working the trigger whilst .


In general, chainsaws with thicker handles are more comfortable to grasp in usage because their broader radiused edges function to soften the contact with your hand. Of course, rubber handle surfaces assist too, not only for padding but also for the increased grippiness they supply.

Most cordless chainsaw activates are large enough for 2 fingers to fit on them. Some have an extra-long trigger with much more room to vary your grip stance for comfort. The best feeling activates retract flush with the handle rather than leaving a raised bump your fingers have to push .


The dry weight of the greatest battery chainsaws can be as low as 12 pounds to well over 15 pounds. Experience proves that a saw’s weight is less significant than appropriate balance overall as you only feel the full weight when you are NOT cutting.

But carrying positioning and around a hefty saw can surely be taxing over a long workday. The catch with these generators is the fact that the batteries are a major part of the weightreduction. So the stronger, longer-lasting saws with high-capacity battery packs and more bars which we prefer become the heaviest.

While we do the vast majority of our testing with all the kitted batteries, it’s worth looking at the full range a producer has availble to your cordless chainsaw.

If you wind up investing in the entire lineup, you’ll probably want to consider the biggest batteries you can buy for it to receive all of your lawn chores done economically.


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