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Sony Srs-Xb41 Black Friday Deals 2022

Sony Srs-Xb41 Black Friday DealsSony recently refreshed its audio lineup in India with three new Bluetooth speakers and six pairs of wireless headphones. Sony Srs-Xb41 Black Friday Deals 2022 We have already reviewed the Sony WI-C300, which is the company’s most affordable pair of Bluetooth earphones to date. We now have the SRSXB41, which is waterproof and dust-resistant, and packed with party-enhancing features.The Sony SRSXB41 costs Rs. The Sony SRS-XB41 is priced at Rs. 16,990, but can be purchased for as low as Rs. Online, you can find 14,500. We were quite impressed with the SRS-XB40’s powerful sound and battery life. Is the XB41 better than its predecessor? Let’s see.

Design and features of the Sony SRS-XB41 The XB41 is quite bulky and heavy for a portable Bluetooth speaker. The fabric finish on the entire unit is premium and prevents dust accumulation. The SRS-XB41 is a top-quality product and well-worth the Rs. 16,990 The front is simple and clean, with no buttons. An LED strip runs from the top to the bottom, wrapping around the sides. The power button, Bluetooth pairing and playback buttons are located on the top of your unit. A button can also be used to activate “Live mode”, which artificially enhances the soundstage. These membrane buttons can be difficult to press and offer little travel.

The speaker’s IP67 rating means that it is dust- and water-resistant. To protect the inputs, there is a rubber gasket at the back. Both a Micro-USB and DC port can be used to charge your speaker. However, the DC input is faster. You can also charge your smartphone using the USB port and the 3.5mm socket. The flap also contains three buttons: one to check the battery state and trigger the lights; one to link another SRS XB41 so that you can hear stereo music and one that identifies ‘WPC’, which allows you to daisy chain up to 99 speakers together. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough units to test this feature. The Sony SRS-XB41 supports Bluetooth 4.2 as well as NFC for quick pairing with a compatible device. You can quickly tap the NFC logo on the top to pair with a compatible device.

Sony Srs-Xb41 Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

Before we get into the sound quality, let’s talk about all the party-friendly features that Sony has packed inside this device. The enclosure’s two 58mm drivers and LED lights can be programmed to play in sync with your music.The lighting effects were captivating at first but soon became tiresome for everyone who saw them. These lights are great for parties and night outs, but too distracting for everyday use. If you prefer your speakers to be discreet, the batteries can be disengaged by pressing the button at the back. It was strange that such a prominent feature couldn’t be made easier. You can also control the lights via the Sony Music Centre App, but it is difficult to use and has a confusing interface.

It is also worth mentioning the Party Booster function. You can tap the speaker when it is on to add sound effects to any music that you are listening to. It produces different sound effects depending on whether you hit it from the top, bottom, or sides. This feature is great and lets you be a DJ. However, it can come across as gimmicky. There is also the Live Mode. The Live Mode adds a 3D effect and artificially broadens the soundstage. The feature can be heard spreading the sound throughout the room, which is a credit to the creators. It adds an awful lot of echo to the sound mix and kicks out the middles. Music sounds horrible as a result. Performance and battery life of the Sony SRS-XB41 The SRS-XB41’s sound quality is average, but nothing to be proud of. Although the bass is punchy and tight, it doesn’t dominate the sound mix. However, critical listeners may find it excessive. With Live Mode off, the soundstage is wide and open. The maximum volume can fill large rooms with sound. You get poor detail and the mids are muted.

Sony Srs-Xb41 Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

This is evident in densely layered tracks like Radiohead’s Paranoid Android or John Mayer’s Gravity(Live), where all the guitars blend into one another. It’s not all bad. The highs are not as loud as the mids but can get sibilant and screechy at higher volumes. For less, you can find better speakers for a lot less than the JBL Flip 4 or Ultimate Ears Boom 2. The SRS-XB41 supports high-quality LDAC codecs, which are now available on many Android smartphones running 8.0 Oreo. You can stream music at the highest possible bit rate. This does help clarity to an extent and boosts the mids (learn more about Bluetooth streaming codecs like SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD and LDAC). The call quality is average, with the usual caveats that Bluetooth speaker have: a hollow sound and an echo at the receiver’s end.

The battery life is amazing. Sony claims that the battery can last 24 hours without any party-focused features or lights on. With the lights on for approximately 30 minutes and music at a volume of 60-70 percent, we were able to get around 18 hours of usage from a single charge. We also tried out the Party Booster and Live Mode features for about 10 to 15 minutes.

The included DC adapter was able to charge the speaker for a full 4 hour charge. You can also charge the speaker using a Micro-USB adapter, but this will take much longer.

The Sony SRSXB41 is waterproof with a long battery life. Although the party modes and LED lights can be regarded as gimmicks, they make the speaker stand out among the crowd. The sound quality is not great. The bass is crisp and punchy, while the highs are above-average. However, the mids are muted and the speaker’s sound quality lacks clarity. The SRS-XB41 is a great choice for party-goers and people who value volume and extravagance over sound quality. It does not sound bad per se, but similarly priced options such as the JBL Flip 4 and Bose Soundlink Mini 2 deliver better detail and clarity.While you certainly wouldn’t go wrong picking up the Sony SRS-XB41 – especially if you’ve got plans for a day at the beach – there are other portable speakers on the market that cost a lot less and sound much better than Sony’s $249.99 (PS200, AU$240) beast.

Although the Sony SRSXB41 Bluetooth speaker isn’t revolutionary, it is a great example of form factor. It is huge. It is powerful. You’d be surprised at how powerful it is. It can charge your tablet or phone all day, and its battery is extremely long-lasting. And yet, while the Bluetooth speaker seems to tick every box, it’s inept in one area that speakers were designed to be good at: reproducing sound.

Sony’s new speaker is not the right portable music box for you unless you are adamant about having a bass-heavy sound and you don’t mind that it’s at the cost of almost everything else. However, the Sony SRS-XB41 is not available at a significant discount, like the $149 Walmart deal. There are better speakers that sound cheaper and more affordable. The SRS-XB41 by Sony is really well-built, even if you ignore the sound quality. It’s extraordinary.

The XB41 is a little big at 11 1/2 inches x 4 1/8 inches x 4 1/4″ (291 mm x 104 mm x 105 mm), and weighs 3 lb 5 oz (1500 g). However, its size and weight make it a bulletproof item that you can take camping or to the beach with you.

The XB41’s all-mesh front grille is dust- and waterproof (IP67-certified). That means this portable speaker is waterproof up to a certain depth and time limit – immersion protection of up to 1 meter (or about 3 feet) of freshwater for 30 minutes.

The speaker will light up to match the music when you turn it on. The coolness of a speaker that glows multi-colored LEDs around the ring was great, but the problem was that the lightshow did not always sync with the music. The lights would flicker a half second after a cymbal crash, which made it feel less like the coordinated lightshow that we had envisioned in our minds.

Sony allows you to create visual and sound effects with a new feature called Party Mode. It is activated by holding down the volume up or down buttons on the top of your speaker for three seconds. You can now slap the speaker’s back to produce chimes, dings, and synth beats that match the music. Wait for the power button blinks.

Party Mode is one the most bizarre features on a Bluetooth speaker. However, it’s fairly harmless and something that we don’t expect you to use very often.

The majority of buttons are located at the top of your speaker. You’ll find the power, volume up/down, play/pause and power buttons along the top of the speaker. We’ll also cover the controversial Live Mode in more detail in the performance section. The speaker is charged by opening the rubber flap at the back. It also comes with a 5v battery pack.

Design is obviously important. A speaker made from a cardboard box with exposed wiring, and difficult to reach control buttons would not be very fun to use. But audio performance is equally important.

The former is a favorite aspect of the XB41 but the latter was not. This is because this bass rocker really rocks. It blows out everything else. The recessed mids, and low-shining highs made it difficult to hear the bass, making them almost non-existent in this mix. The bass’s ferociousness and imposing volume completely destroyed the tonal balance.

This is where EDM and house fans may find great enjoyment from the bass-heavy sound. But, frankly, that’s a stretch. Everything else sounds muffled because of the bass.

Although the audio performance isn’t bad enough to make your music feel strange or wrong, the bass bump can have a significant impact on Sony Srs-Xb41 Black Friday Deals 2022 the rest of the audio. If you feel masochistic, however, you can put it in Live Mode, which attempts to give the sound an echoy, concert-like effect. You’ll have trouble hearing any details.


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