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Sig P365 Black Friday Deals 2022

Last updated on October 1, 2022 3:59 am

Sig P365 Black Friday DealsYou will know from my reviews that I am a big fan of Glock and I regularly measure each pistol I shoot against a Glock, either Sig P365 Black Friday Deals 2022 subconsciously or directly. Glock is a pistol that can be compared to in simplicity, reliability, size, weight, and capacity. It’s difficult to recommend any pistols over a comparable (but better) Glock model. However, this time I have little to disagree with. The Sig P365 does more than the Glock 26 and Glock 43. One caveat.

That’s my summary of my review. Ok, so there is probably a reason to keep reading. While my positive review of the 365 may not be without dissent, there are some things that Sig did right. This is what I discovered while I was shooting and familiarizing myself with the Sig P365.The Sig Sauer P365 is a great option!
The Sig P365 concealed-carry pistol is purpose-made. It’s also a work of gypsies. The frame and slide are the same or smaller than the Glock 43 (a single-stack gun), and it adds 4 rounds. It does this in a more comfortable way and with a better trigger.The Sig P365 might be a great choice because it offers superior grip and capacity over other guns, or for the fact that you can carry an 11-round 9mm pistol that fits into your waistline like almost no other gun. You might also consider it because it is a Sig Sauer pistol that is known (with a few cringy exceptions *cough*P320*cough* to make great firearms.

Let me now address the caveat. Despite the many reports about issues with the pistol, I had no problems running it through a few hundred rounds. This was despite the fact that it had already been through 2,200 rounds. Since this is a first impression and a shooting review, my experience will be limited.

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My first attempt at shooting the P365 was to use my usual grip with a support hand in the high-forward. The slide-lock lever at the hand of the slider smashed my thumb knuckle in the palm, which made it difficult to enjoy the experience. It was really uncomfortable to shoot it. Later, I realized that my thumb knuckle was in direct contact with the lever. This grip was both comfortable and effective.

I enjoyed shooting the pistol. I was able to insert mags, get a grip, fire, lock the slide back, and so on. The controls seemed to be easy to use for my small hands, and were functional as I expected. Sincerely, I expected difficulty but never encountered it.

One session saw me switch between the P365 and my Glock 43, while shooting groups at different ranges. I used both my G43 grip and the P365’s modified grip. Surprised to find that the P365 groups were twice as large at all distances than the Glock43 groups, I was amazed. Although it’s anecdotal, I don’t know what to attribute the difference to. However, I do believe the Sig has a better trigger. The sights on the Sig are also a little more precise.

If you are interested in such things, I have read that the P365 is rated to carry +P ammunition. A defensive 9mm round of ammunition is sufficient to be effective without adding pressure. I have always opposed +P ammunition. Although it is possible that +P might be useful in such a small gun, I admit I don’t know where performance would require a +P round.

Sig P365 Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

It’s a small pistol, so it will be easier to shoot 9mm away than a pistol of the same size. It was easy to use, even with a modified grip, and easy to take quick follow-up photos. This was especially true when I was using an extended magazine. I could get my entire hand on the grip. It’s amazing to me that a small, thin grip can hold ten rounds of magazine.
It is only 1″ in width and has excellent serrations fore- and aft. Stock sights are excellent. They have tritium inserts at the front and back (mostly invisible in daylight so you get a blacked out rear). The front dot is surrounded with a day-glow green ring for high contrast daytime. The sights were easy to use and pick up for accurate reading.

The P365 is like all good pistols. It has no external controls. Only a slide lock lever and a takedown handle mar the otherwise simple design. The trigger is made of plastic, and it does not include a safety tab rib. This makes it more comfortable than other striker-fired pistols’ trigger boots. It is a very good trigger action for a stock trigger. The trigger action is quite nice for a stock trigger. It has some takeup and a clear wall. It is a little short and soft, not as tactile as other striker-fired pistols. The trigger was very easy to use when I ran the gun. I believe it contributes to the pistol’s accuracy.

It has a nice texture, even if it is not aggressive, and an accessory rail at the front. This is not a picatinny or generic rail. I anticipate that Sig will soon release accessories specifically for this rail. It is easy to locate and use the magazine release. Lefties can also reversibly access it. You will receive a 10-round flush and extended mag, as well as a pistol with a 12-round m
Shooting a few hundred rounds through my Sig P365 was no problem for me. However, there were many reports about specific problems and failures from early buyers of the pistol. Primarily, the pistol’s firing action causes the tip to drag across the primer (primer Smear). This can often lead to a broken striker or tip breaking off. Those who have accumulated 10,000+ rounds through their pistols report no problems.

This review is not intended to be comprehensive. I am only able to report on my limited experience with the pistol. Problems with pistols are not uncommon after their first release. What matters is the manufacturer’s reaction to them. You can probably tell that I am a big fan of this gun for several reasons. I can’t recommend this gun as a personal-protection

The P365 is the subcompact pistol with the highest size-to-capacity ratio. Right out of the box, the trigger and sights work well. The pistol is small but ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. The pistol can be carried in a small enough manner that it will easily fit on your body, regardless of where you carry it. It was accurate to within 15 yards
Sig seems to have done the impossible by packing 11 rounds into a tiny striker-fired pistol that’s both compact and precise. This is the type of thing concealed carryers always dream about. This P365 is a great conceal-carry tool that I believe will become a staple for many.

Glock is my favorite gun because it gives me 100% reliability. It’s difficult to imagine replacing my G43 with another pistol, but this little pistol makes me think about it. Although there are some functionality issues that Sig P365 Black Friday Deals 2022 Sig Sauer must address, I am ready to jump. This little pistol is an absolute gem.


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