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Sega Genesis Mini Black Friday Deals 2022

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Sega Genesis Mini Black Friday Deals 2022e’reWe’re now at a point where there are multiple companies trading on nostalgia with high-end micro consoles. It’s a trend Nintendo started with the NES Classic, and one that has continued with the SNES Classic and last year’s PlayStation Classic. Each device offers the same basic thing: a selection of games from a particular retro console, all bundled in a tiny device that looks just like the original, only smaller.

Sega Genesis Mini Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

Sega is coming in a little bit late to this trend that kicked off back in 2016. But to make up for its tardiness, the company has created what is the best iteration of a miniature console to date. The $79.99 Sega Genesis Mini nails all of the basics, with great, adorable hardware and a varied selection of classic games. But it also goes a step further, with an attention to detail that makes it more than just a fun plastic box: it’s a celebration of the most important years of Sega’s long history.

Sega Genesis Mini Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

A few years ago, Nintendo was stealing the spotlight with mini retro consoles (the NES Classic and SNES Classic) that played perfect ports of NES and SNES games. It’s Sega’s turn this year, and the Genesis Mini does as good a job with its larger library, all packed into a totally collectible design that emulates the original Sega Genesis look. Two controllers plus a bunch of previously hard-to-find games… this is the surprise gift any old-school Sega fan would drool over.

By nw, the format should be familiar: The Sega Genesis Mini is a diminutive version of the classic console, but the controllers are full-sized and authentic (enough). The game library, while not exhaustive, is a particularly well-curated survey. What’s unique about the Mini, however, is that for once Sega itself is handling production duties instead of outsourcing to the familiar bargain bin outfit, AtGames. That’s presumably why you’ve read this far, so I won’t keep you in suspense any longer: Whether or not your comparator is the superlative SNES Classic or one of AtGames many disappointing Genesis clones, the Sega Genesis Mini excels at everything it seeks to do.

No collection is a perfect collection. Still, what a time for Sega Genesis fans
The Genesis Mini box is adorable, and even has a moving volume lever, and a cartridge door that opens (you can’t put a cartridge in, though, it’s so tiny). It’s a collector’s item, for sure. The system connects to any TV or monitor with HDMI (a cable’s included), and it uses a standard Micro-USB power adapter.

It also comes with two original Genesis controller replicas that plug in via USB. You could pick up other USB controllers and experiment to see what works, and an official six-button Genesis controller (the later, better version) is sold separately. The three-button Sega controllers and their D-pad bring back memories, but also felt clunky and not always perfect for the games: Controlling Ecco the Dolphin’s flips, or getting Earthworm Jim to angle a shot, sometimes got frustrating. The cords are longer than the super short ones that came with the NES Classic, but still not long enough to stretch from one wall where my TV is to my sofa.

I tried to get my kids into the Genesis Mini, and oddly enough, they didn’t seem interested. I think Nintendo’s had a better run at updating franchises and repeatedly re-releasing classics. Sonic the Hedgehog is a household name, but nothing else is.

There are enough great rarities (Castlevania: Bloodlines, Contra: Hard Corps, Monster World IV, two great Disney games with Mickey Mouse, and a unique port of the side-scrolling shooter Darius) that are well worth browsing, and I definitely want to buy a Genesis Mini just because it exists.

But there are a lot of other ways to get your Sega fix, if you have another console. Just consider that before you dive in. Otherwise, this is exactly the beautiful little Sega retro box I wanted forever.


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