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Samsung NU7100 Black Friday Deals 2022 – Hot Discount Offers

Last updated on October 2, 2022 6:24 am

Samsung NU7100 Black Friday Deals

Since the producer behind one third of those TVs shipped globally, it is statistically probable that you are going to be purchasing a Samsung TV over another manufacturer — along with the Samsung NU7100 black Friday deals 2022 sale discount offer.

Samsung NU7100 Black Friday Deals 2022 – Sale Discount Offers

Contemplating that the Samsung NU7100’s cost, it is not surprising that you are not getting superior materials, but for many prospective buyers, that will not matter: most folks will be purchasing for the image, not the framework.

Nevertheless, the construct is obviously plastic, instead of metal, and you are not receiving the top design of a QLED TV or even Samsung’s The design.

The plan is usually unassuming, however smart-looking, using a plain coloring plus a little silver label together with all the Samsung logo on the bezel beneath the monitor.

On the back, you get Samsung’s usual ribbed casing, together with the vents built into the place as opposed to running through the outside connections box located on more premium places.

We analyzed the 49-inch version — however it’s possible to view all of the NU7100 version sizes to the US, UK, and Australia from the box beneath. Remember though that you won’t find all of the advantage of 4K with just a 43=inch screen.

It uses a scrolling menu , and it is easy to envision between different software and places out info cleanly, together with your most well-known programs and stations seeming closest to the left side of this display.

New for this season’s version, picking programs will even bring up another menu over the icon, letting you jump straight to particular shows or videos that you had been viewing the last time you used the program.

Viewers in the united kingdom who are expecting for UK-specific catch-up providers from YouView or Freeview Play will not find them , however you will not be brief for articles to watch.

The sole drawback on the TV’s smarts is that the omission of Bixby, Samsung’s in-house voice helper, which means that you won’t have the ability to look for shows, movies, or programs with voice controls. Nevertheless, considering a few of the issues we have seen with Bixby on different apparatus, you are not likely to overlook it.

Samsung NU7100 Black Friday Deals 2022 Offers – Review


HD/SDR functionality

All told, Samsung’s collection does a fantastic job of upscaling HD/SDR pictures for the ultra HD screen. It is possible to find a little bit of distortion in the edge of faces or objects, but you’ve got to be looking quite tough for this. The upscaling works superbly fast, also, restricting blur and giving a comprehensive, well-processed picture that enriches HD pictures instead of detracting from them.

As a word of warning, but you merely receive a 60Hz refresh rate — that which Samsung somewhat misleadingly calls’Motion Rate 120′ — instead of 120Hz, but you will only see the fall in refresh speeds using fast-moving pictures or action-packed shots.

Samsung’s newest sets in Samsung NU7100 Black Friday Deals 2022 sale discount offers  offer you a couple of image configurations for you to pick between, also. The conventional setting is switched on by default, while Organic and Dynamic ramp up the processing to get a more vibrant, but frequently unnatural-looking picture. We discovered Films the ideal general-use manner, as it attracts a more constant coloring, even if the graphics do not’pop’ as far as they can.

Samsung NU7100 Black Friday Deals 2022 Offers – 4K/HDR functionality

Images are sharp and detailed, with no small distortion frequently seen when upscaling pictures from HD. But if the pixels are still sharp, the colour comparison must stay informed about the amount of detail required of it.

The NU7100 is HDR-ready, which means that it can play content from the HDR10 format to get a larger colour gamut and higher levels of comparison compared to standard dynamic array (SDR) content. It may even encourage HDR10+, a superior HDR format (such as Dolby Vision) which utilizes’lively metadata’ to change amounts of comparison in every scene, and also the HLG (hybrid gamma) broadcasting arrangement, which codes both SDR and HDR pictures into a single sign.

Colours are certainly wealthier when showing HDR content, and what is most striking is the simple degree of HDR on offer nevertheless manages to appear natural and balanced. Samsung’s NU7100 can just do so much with its mid range specs, but it manages to produce a written picture with couple of artefacts, and also a definite step up from the SDR pictures. It is notoriously tough to balance the requirements of high-end screen technology with low-end chips, but Samsung’s NU7100 collection has handled it with aplomb.

Not surprisingly given its price tag, but the NU7100 is not able to give the complete assortment of thickness and colour accuracy to actually create 4K videos and movies pop, which might partly be due to the collection’s low brightness and edge-lit backlight. You do not get the type of shadow and light management of higher-end places, which are inclined to come with much more exact projection zones, and there are instances when bright lights onscreen can bleed in the surrounding region.

Seeing Star Trek: Discovery at 4K HDR, the blues and reds of the series’s galactic landscapes really leap out at you, although reflective surfaces — such as the golden detailing on the throw’s pajamas — may have a little too much glow to them.

Like most TVs in this budget, exactly what the NU7100 provides is a sort of’newcomer’s HDR’: greater than SDR, and also a fantastic flavor of HDR’s potential wealth and thickness, even if it’s not sufficient to completely justify the tag.


Samsung has not been fussy about maintaining the NU7100 as slender as possible, which means it is managed to match in some good 20W speakers. All these are rear-facing, meaning that the noise is steered away from you, instead of towards youpersonally, and you won’t hear much by means of reduced frequencies.

Overall we felt that the sound is good for talking heads or the ordinary sitcom, though you wont get much of a sense of scale or effect in action flicks or if enjoying bass-heavy tracks.

Voices continue to be detailed, and also the quantity packs a punch — although you will probably need to have an external hi-fi system should you would like to have more bass than the NU7100’s mid-range speakers may handle.

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The Samsung NU7100 treads the line between its own budget qualifications and 4K HDR specs , offering a smooth and sharp image which leverages its fundamental HDR capacities to fantastic effect. Its clever TV platform is simple to work with too, even without Bixby voice commands, and Samsung NU7100 Black Friday Deals 2022 sale discount offers manages to provide a nice all-around experience for an extremely inexpensive price.


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