Computer Hardware Black Friday Discount Offers [2021]

Nzxt S340 Black Friday Deals 2022

Nzxt S340 Black Friday DealsNZXT’s S340 Elite is a continuation of the S340 but has had a few components retooled. The S340 Elite’s inclusion of tempered glasses is the most obvious. NZXT has already invested in the 2016 Nzxt S340 Black Friday Deals 2022 trend (RGB) through HUE+. NZXT produces some amazing cases but doesn’t often venture into budget chassis. Although PS60 is not what we would consider budget for a mid tower enclosure, the S340 still has the premium look and feel. The S340 is minimalistic and straightforward, but not boring. It also has a more mature look than most cases in its category. While the front and sides are very scratch-resistant and glossy, it may not be appealing to everyone. The roof is a standard matt finish. The build quality is exceptional for the price. NZXT’s higher-end offerings are reminiscent of this steel. There’s not much plastic anywhere.

It is 7kg heavy, which makes it a very sturdy case. The rubber feet also mean that the case won’t be ice-skating across your desk. Many manufacturers have responded to this question, with everything from dark panel tints to concealment cables. Each manufacturer tries to match the sides visually. Bitfenix used matte black paint to coat the inside of its right-side glass panel. This is one of the most innovative approaches. But that is not what our value-minded buyers wanted. The S340 Elite is based on the NZXT S340 and adds a single glass side panel to help push it into the middle market at 100 dollars. A magnetic headphone holder, two additional front-panel USB ports and an HDMI port are just a few of the upgrades. These front-panel ports are located on the top edge of the panel. The additional USB ports are of the 2.0 variety.

Nzxt S340 Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

The HDMI port is connected via a pass-through wire. Users who don’t need the additional connectors can run the device cable around its back. The back of the case contains seven expansion slots and an exhaust fan measuring 120mm that cannot be enlarged. To avoid interfering with the power supply shroud, a removable bracket can be used to slide the power supply into the back of your case. Advertisement The power supply dust filter, which is large enough for adequate airflow, can be found beneath the bracket. Slot brackets are secured above it with screws and a slot access holes cover. Slot holders with external tabs are designed to lower manufacturing costs. To insert expansion cards into the slot, they must be moved into place.

The S340 Elite has a pull-off panel on the front that conceals a dust filter. This covers one side of the lower hard disk cage and both fan mounts. The dust filter attaches via magnets at its top and hooks into the recess at its bottom. The forward-facing side of hard drives is secured with screws. This is the left side. Each tray is held by four screws. Three SSD trays can be attached with a single thumb screw. The S340 Elite has been updated to cost around $100. The S340 non-Elite is still available at a price of $70. The Elite is one of the most affordable tempered glass cases available. It comes under the new Corsair570X by $80 and the 460X at $40. And the Cullinan is $30 below the Elite. The S340 Elite is available in three color options: flat black, black with red accents at the cable management bar, or white and black. The S340 Elite comes in three color options: flat black, black with red accents on the cable management bar, and white and black.

Nzxt S340 Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

NZXT’s Kraken coolers are now available and can support CPU tower coolers up 161mm high. Maximum radiator support is 2x 140mm, 2x 120mm front radiators (though they would kind of suffocate within that compartment) or 1x 120mm back radiator. It’s easy to expand: The bottom of the case houses two 3.5″ HDDs. SSD support has grown to three 2.5″ SSDs. Two of these are hidden from view in the PSU shroud. A new SSD sled is exposed on the left side of the PSU shell. If the PSU shroud doesn’t do enough, this exposes the SSD. The PSU shroud also has a few new cable cutouts. These are designed to support the SSD sled and provide routing paths through the shroud for any add-in devices like the HUE+. The best changes are subtler but much more significant. We stated in our Corsair570X review that NZXT is the best cable management software available. This case is proof of that. The S340 non-Elite was what innovated a cable management bar at mid-towers. A 5mm increase of that bar in Elite has allowed for better bundling.

ATX cables are out of sight. Cable management clamps are a simple but effective tool to aid in this process. These plastic clamps can be reused and held in place by zip ties or twist ties. We hope the industry will take notice of NZXT’s plastic cable clamps. These clamps work better than Velcro on other cases and keep cables cleaner. They can also be channeled to separate the cables as needed. VR Everything That’s silicon. It actually processes something. This is an example, and although NZXT tried to avoid the term “VR ready”, they still used text such as “gets better using VR” throughout their marketing materials. The S340 Elite product page has VR about five times, including a quick Take this rubber puck. NZXT was thrilled to show us the puck. The third person walked in the room and asked us what we thought of the puck. It almost looked sarcastic. The answer was, it turns out, simple: It houses VR headsets.

NZXT is to be commended for its high-quality rubber and magnet amalgam. We think it is as good as rubber or magnets get. It’s not something that we would brag about. That air could be better spent talking up cable management or doing something else. It’s just a piece rubber with a magnet inside. This isn’t a new technology. Although it is embarrassing for case makers to participate in the “VR” initiative there is one useful component: HDMI passthroughs. It’s not the most useful component, but it is functional. An HDMI port is available on the S340 Elite’s front I/O options. This allows GPU HDMI to be passed through the S340 Elite, into a female HDMI connector and out the top (and into the relevant HMD or link box). This reduces the length of your cable by approximately a foot. It either cleans up the Vive’s cables or allows for a longer Rift-usable cable. Nzxt S340 Black Friday Deals 2022 Two fans are included in the S340 Elite, both of which can be used to exhaust. The top fan measures 120mm and the rear one 120mm. This arrangement was chosen because the tempered side panel extends all of the way to the front, preventing any side intake through the panel. This is how most cases, including the Cullinan and 570X, breathe: through the bottom and side.


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