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Nzxt Phantom 410 Black Friday Deals 2022

Nzxt Phantom 410 Black Friday DealsWe are curious to know where you’ve been the last year if you haven’t heard of the NZXT Phantom. We will briefly explain the history of the NZXT Phantom, just in case you’ve been absent from the computing Nzxt Phantom 410 Black Friday Deals 2022 world for more than a year. The NZXT Phantom, which was released 12 months ago, was the first full-towered case to set a new design standard. The days of full tower cases being bulky, heavy and ugly are gone. We were impressed by the Phantom’s unique design and bold colours.

We all know that a beautiful design and an appealing aesthetic are not enough to make a Phantom stand out. However, the performance of the Phantom is just as important. NZXT’s Phantom was a great choice in terms of expandability and cooling performance, internal clearance, cable management, and ease-of-use.

It’s available for as low as PS110, and it offers everything an enthusiast could want. This is why it has been awarded a number of accolades and awards, including the eTeknix Gold award. The Phantom 410 is not a replacement for its full-towered sibling. NZXT decided to release a mid-tall variant of the Phantom 410, which would have been in line with its full tower sibling but appeal to a different audience. Let’s not get into the details about the Phantom. Let’s not get too personal. Times are changing quickly, and even the most well-respected products need to be updated from time to time to make them more appealing to a wider audience.

Nzxt Phantom 410 Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

As a reviewer in the industry I work in, there is a certain level of trust you develop as you interact with companies over time. Being a man who is able to recommend things to others, that aspect of my life I take seriously. It is what I mean when I give it my seal of approval. It’s not difficult to explain, and I don’t think it’s necessary to bring failures to the forefront. Ask Gelid why they haven’t contacted me since I failed their GPU cooler. This is a extreme example of how I approach companies and their products. To return to my original point: when you deal with different manufacturers, a rapport and trust are built when they make great strides in improving things. On the other side, those who don’t take initiative, I’d prefer not to bring that material to their attention. NZXT is a difficult choice.

Over the years, I have seen many great things from them. Their complete inability to acknowledge any problems with their latest coolers. I later found out that they were aware that the fans were not up to standard. However, they allowed me to test it just as you would buy retail. This was not the case. I tried to contact the company directly but was not able to get a reply. Instead, the PR firm that handles their products had to obtain my information. You can see that my NZXT holdings have been lowered to a level you would not believe. Their inability to help me up front and after the fact has left a lasting impression, even if it was only for a brief time. As I began this review, I took the latest sample as a given.

Nzxt Phantom 410 Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

While I thought I had seen all of NZXT’s mid towers with the four cases that I reviewed a while back, I soon realized they had another ace in their arsenal. Although I was grabbing the images for the Crafted series chassis from the packaging, I was actually just going through the motions. But as soon as the tape was removed and the case was exposed, all that madness vanished and I saw a shiny red chassis. My eyes widened like a child at Christmas. After the cloud has lifted, please stay with me for a few pages while we go over the specifications and then look at the box. I believe you’ll love it when we get inside the red NZXT Phantom 410. NZXT is my thanks for giving me hope that my suggestions weren’t futile.

A mid tower form factor gives NZXT less room to play with when designing their case. It would be wrong to assume that the Phantom 410 would have to reduce its features due to this limited space. The Phantom 410 has 3 internal 5.25″ bays that can be used without tools, 6 internal 2.5/2.5″ bays and 4 removable cages. There are also 7 PCI expansion slots. The cooling system is comprised of one 120mm intake fan, and two exhaust fans. One 120mm and the other 140mm LED versions are located at the rear and top mounting points. The Phantom 410 can accommodate 8 fans, 5 of them can be 140mm versions. This is a remarkable number considering its size. The integrated 30-W 3-step fan controller controls each fan, so there is no need to purchase an extra accessory. Clearance should not be a problem as the Phantom 410 supports VGA cards up to 305mm/12.2″, 170mm/6.8″, tall CPU coolers, and rear-routed cables up to 25mm/1″. We can now move on to the general features. NZXT includes a pair USB 3.0 ports on its front panel that connect to an internal USB 3.0 head. Access to the HDD cage can be found on the right side of the case, and not on the left. NZXT claims that this design change will enable “easy hard drive replacement”, but it is not certain. Each cable management hole is covered with rubber grommets, which are a technique that was used in the original Phantom.

The addition of an acrylic panel window on the side panel is one of the most controversial design changes. While some users love the idea of being able see inside their computer, others may find it annoying. The NZXT Phantom 410 should retail for approximately We will be exploring the NZXT Phantom 410 computer case, which is a mid-tower. NZXT’s Crafted Series includes the Phantom 410. Although the product page displays four versions of this case it doesn’t mean that you should be fooled. A press release, dated March 12, 2012, states that NZXT surveyed the Facebook community early this year to determine the most popular color combinations. They then made the top choices and made them real. The Phantom 410 is now in Black with Orange Trim and Black with White Trim, as well as White with Blue Trim and a Gunmetal Black edition. It has a gunmetal interior with a matte exterior. This case has a lot of potential.

NZXT is proud to be “a company built on gamer’s hopes.” Their creation says this: There’s enough space for you to use this mid-tower case but it won’t take up too much of your space. It is actually quite impressive that the metal part of the case is only 450mm high. This is despite the fact that it has skids that measure 23 mm in height, plenty of headroom under the roof and ample storage space. Citing NZXT, the following features are listed (with my comments). Clearance for top 240 mm dual heater for water cooling. There was enough space for two 140 mm TY140’s in this attic. TY-140’s measure 160mm in width and fit easily. NZXT claims that you can fit a 240mm rad there. Interior pivot 120/140mm fan slot with adjustable interior pivot. This allows for directional air flow. The pivot also allows you the flexibility to use your mid-case fan in multiple ways. The HDD cage can be removed to make more space for extended video cards.

However, the HDD cage remains in place and is very easy to take out. They are simple to remove. Side fan 120/140mm with acrylic window for interior cooling and viewing. A 150 mm fan can be placed below the window. My 140 mm test fan was not in conflict with the NH-D14 heatsink. Front Internal 2x USB 3.0 headers, and 2x USB 2.0 input. (All present but with a caveat that we’ll discuss later. The fan controller can be used to set up your system for quiet or high performance. It has seven sockets. For easy cable management, wire management supports up to 25mm space. I love that they advertise the clearance behind the motherboard tray. It is indeed 25mm. Kudos, NZXT. Caseking is one company that will not sell anything. They only sell hardware that is high-quality and performs well. It is the official distributor of a large number of well-known manufacturers and offers a wide range of exclusive parts and devices. The shop’s product range has increased significantly in recent years. However, great customer service and support remain a key part of their business philosophy. Although the website is available in German, an English version is being developed due to high demand. Caseking provided us with continuous support and was kind enough to send the most recent NZXT version.

The 2.5″ SSD is secured by the screw-less HDD and 5.25″ trays. Two 120mm and one 140mm LED fans are included in the cooling capacity. There is enough space for eight fans (including the exhaust fan). Support for the CPU Heatsink: 170mm (This measurement is taken from the carton and not the website. From the motherboard to the edge of a panel made from metal, it measures 175 mm. Clear windows would be a bit more than that so I recommend a clearance of 170mm. NZXT presents the Phantom 410, the descendant to the Nzxt Phantom 410 Black Friday Deals 2022 legendary Phantom. The sleek and beautiful Phantom design established the trend for all-white chassis. It also allowed for optimal cooling and expansion. The Phantom 410 offers more value than its predecessor and has an acrylic window that lets gamers see the power of their rig.


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