Computer Hardware Black Friday Discount Offers [2021]

Nzxt H500 Black Friday Deals 2022

Nzxt H500 Black Friday DealsNZXT’s H500 is a mid-tower case with plenty of space for expansion and easy PC building. The H500 is priced at less than 100 dollars and includes liquid cooling support, tempered glass panels, and Nzxt H500 Black Friday Deals 2022 smart cable management. We’ll take a closer look at the full review. It may be helpful to refer to our NZXTH400i overview. Before we go into the assembly process and discuss our opinions on the case, let’s cover the details. The H500 case is modern and sleek, with a boxy design that makes the most of its dimensions. NZXT has created more distinctive designs with the Phantom and Manta, but the H500 still retains its unique look due to the blue or red cable management shroud.

The white and black models, however, are less distinct. The H500 features a tempered-glass side panel that extends from the top of the case to the PSU shroud located in the lower third. It is held in place by a single thumb screw at the back of your case. This makes it easy to remove. The case’s front is nearly completely blank with the NZXT wordmark at the bottom. As you’d expect in a modern design case, there are no optical bays. The case’s rear is fairly standard and includes the usual motherboard, fan expansion, fan, and PSU placements.

Nzxt H500 Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

The H500 has chunky feet that allow for good ventilation and elevation, even when the carpet is thick. The case’s top features two USB 3.0 ports and two 3.5mm audio jacks. There is also a circular power button. The back of the case has a grille that can hold the fan mounts 120/140mm. The case has ample space for cable routing and a cable shroud to make it look neat. You can place cable ties in many places. You can find additional components and cables in the covered PSU bay. Let’s now move on to the build log and general thoughts about the case. Installation Before we go into our impressions of this case and how it was installed, let’s first outline the type of system we installed. It is a mid-range system, which doesn’t rely upon water cooling but instead uses an upgraded air cooler.

This means we won’t have the opportunity to test the water cooling capabilities of this case, but it makes installation much easier. Apart from inserting the I/O shield, and installing the finicky 212 Evo processor cooler, the installation went smoothly. We found that there was enough space to place components without fear of damaging them. Although the front panel I/O connectors with the case are block-style, installation was not as difficult as the separated ones. The SSD sleds can be attached anywhere on the top of the perforated PSU shield, which aids in cable management. Although the manual was clear and helpful, there were some errors. For example, the orientation of the rear SSD mount is shown vertically rather than horizontal. NZXT launched their H series of cases with the H200i and H400i versions of the same case a few months back.

Nzxt H500 Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

The H500/H500i case is a new addition to the H series. NZXT has made some changes since the original batch. NZXT H500, a replacement for S340, is priced at $70 MSRP (for the H500i) and $100 (for the H500i), which includes a “smart device” and RGB LED strips. Although we liked the H700i overall there were some issues with the smart device included. NZXT assured us that they had listened to our complaints so let’s get started. It’s easy to keep your build neat and tidy with the inclusion of velcro ties at the back of motherboard tray, large channels, and lots of holes for cable routing. You’ll find plenty of room for cables in the PSU bay and along the back, which is great if your PSU is not modular or you have many extra components (e.g. RGB lighting). Smart device: There isn’t one for the H500. The H500i has one, but it’s not the one we are reviewing. Customers now have the option of paying extra for the smart device.

The H700i was initially envisioned as a successor for the S340. However, NZXT sees it as an H440 substitute and the H500 will replace the S340. The MSRP was reduced to $70 by removing the smart device. This brings it closer to the characteristics of the older case. Cable bar: We mentioned that the H700i’s cable bar was bent so that it didn’t have a place for thick power cables. We preferred the S340 design. This old style is back in the H500. There are even very small cable tie points, as we requested in other case reviews. On the H500, the bar can be removed completely. Panel fasteners: Although it was very common, the H700i only used four basic thumbscrews for its glass panel.

This is not the same design as we saw elsewhere in this case. The H500, on the other hand, uses a half-panel design. It’s so functional and simple that we are surprised we didn’t see it in our previous reviews. The glass’s bottom edge is held behind the PSU shroud’s upper edge. For security, the top edge features two plastic knobs that snap into a chassis and one thumbscrew. NZXT reduces the use of tempered glass and saves customers money. Customers also get more width within the PSU shroud, without having to sacrifice any window space. The H700i’s quick-release steel side panel is not available on the H500. However, the captive thumbscrews that are used instead are very serviceable. The panel was stuck at first because they couldn’t be removed completely. However, it hasn’t been an issue ever since. It hinges out and off without any problems.

These are the only issues in our H700i review. However, the smart device took up almost half of the article. According to the specification sheet, the Build Space for cable management measures between 19 and 23mm. It is tightly controlled by plastic channels that have velcro ties. You can remove the channels to create more space, but it is possible to secure everything tightly enough between the velcro and cable tie point to avoid this. It is important to be neat: The side panel will not do the hard work of mending down large tangles. The H500 does not have the small plastic puck that is used to designate cable routers in the H700i (RIP). As it allows for more flexibility in fan configuration testing, we are happy to see removable fan cases becoming more common. Two 140mm or 120mm fans can be held in the front fan cage. Smaller fans can be stored towards the bottom. These slots can be used for the thermal section. We will save that discussion. All intakes have filters and can be removed, which is very important for stock negative pressure setups.

The top filter is a small square of mesh that is stuck between the fan case and the case. However, the filters on the sides of front panel and under PSU have nice plastic frames and clip in. The filters on the bottom and sides of the front panel look great, with mesh sandwiched between two layers rather Nzxt H500 Black Friday Deals 2022 than being glued to the top. They are also very small and narrow. However, it is nice to see this attention to detail. Many manufacturers wouldn’t bother putting any there. You can remove all filters without affecting the appearance of the case.


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