Computer Hardware Black Friday Discount Offers [2021]

Nzxt H440 Black Friday Deals 2022

Nzxt H440 Black Friday DealsWe’ve watched the usefulness of optical drives taper off over the years due to two important trends. First, hard drives are larger, offering massive capacities at lower cost. That means you can cram a lot more of Nzxt H440 Black Friday Deals 2022 your digital information onto disk. Second, we’re consuming content differently. Movies are streamed, games are downloaded, and files are backed up to those bigger, cheaper hard drives, either locally or in the cloud. Much of the data that was transferred from CD or DVD to your hard drive now goes from the Internet to local storage. For those few cases when an optical drive is needed, one external device can serve all of your systems sufficiently.

PC case manufacturers are starting to react, bidding 5.25-inch optical drive bays farewell (even though those aren’t the only peripherals this decision affects). The first representative example in our labs is NZXT’s mid-tower H440, which closes the gap between the company’s H230 and H630 models. You can buy the H440 in either a white finish with black accents or a black finish with red accents. It also features noise dampening, a large window, and ample fans, straight from the factory. In the place of those scrapped 5.25-inch bays, NZXT includes more interesting features in this chassis’ design. For instance, hard drives are installed differently, there are power connectors for up to 10 fans, and the interior is compartmentalized.

Nzxt H440 Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

If you like your systems clean and tidy inside, the H440 is probably going to be right up your alley. Fittingly, the case’s slogan, straight from the manufacturer’s website, is .Drone 2 With Nvidia’s Shield Although it sold out fairly quickly after launch, the H440 is now available again online for $120 in black and $140 in white. NZXT’s H440 features an elegant design with lighting that looks good and serves a practical purpose. Enthusiasts who can live without 5.25-inch drive bays and are in the market for a quiet (albeit not silent) enclosure with lots of features will find NZXT’s H440 to be both unique and elegant. Packaging and In The Box When we received the H440 from NZXT, it hadn’t yet been made public.

Consequently, our sample didn’t arrive in retail packaging, rendering us unable to unbox the case and introduce its bundle piece by piece. NZXT’s manual hadn’t been printed yet, so we only got a pile of screws, an above-average number of cable ties, a bit to help with motherboard spacer installation, and an NZXT sticker made from stiff metal foil.Up top, the NZXT H440 features two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports, as well as the requisite HD Audio connectors, all of which are clearly marked with fittingly modern labels. The power and reset buttons are located on the far-left side of the case’s top. Controls for the optional case lighting are moved to the top of the enclosure’s back in order to maintain the smooth, uninterrupted appearance of the most visible panels.

Nzxt H440 Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

The NZXT H440 mid-tower case is a popular choice among gamers and with reason. This computer case helped establish many of the trends that we see in PC cases today. Overall, it’s still a very good pick since the price is considerably lower than at release. 4 SEE PRICE When NZXT released the H440, it was something of a watershed moment. The H440 signaled a new direction of case design for the company, presently culminating with the current H-Series. Table of ContentsShow Design – Exterior The NZXT H440 takes brave moves by bringing a minimalist, sleek design immediately noticeable by the lack of any optical bays; a bold move that’s been both lauded and lamented.

Most of the frame is constructed with steel and uses plastic accents, which gives the case a noticeable heft. h440 The side panel makes use of an acrylic window – which can and will become scratched – but otherwise succeeds at obscuring HDD bays and fans while offering a nice view of the vanity PC parts. nzxt h440 review Moving to the back, the only noticeable features are the grommets for water cooling tubes and a detachable PSU frame. h440 review Design – Interior Moving to the inside of the chassis, probably the first thing one notices is the PSU shroud, boldly emblazoned with “NZXT” and marked with a two-tone color scheme. It is also here that your SSDs will sit, as there are two mounting locations for 2.5” SSD sleds. At the front, you’ll notice 5 3.5” HDD drive bays. Alternatively, these can be swapped out for three 120mm fans, or a 360mm radiator. Should you go this route, the floor of the case offers two more spaces for mounting HDDs. nzxt h440 mid-tower case Up top, options include two 140mm fans or three 120mm fans, which would interchangeably allow you to install a 280mm or 360mm radiator instead. The rear will hold one 140mm fan. Rounding out the interior is an included fan hub that can connect eight fans and sound dampening material on the side panels.

The H440 ships with a total of four fans included: one 140mm fan for a rear exhaust and three 120mm fans for front intake. Building Inside the H440 Working inside the H440 is a pleasant experience overall, only marred by a couple of negatives. Installing the motherboard is easy enough, as there is plenty of room to get your hands inside the case, and the standoffs offer enough room between the motherboard and back of the chassis. nzxt h440 review 2019 NZXT makes an earnest effort to help you in offsetting cable clutter by including a fair amount of zip-tie and tie-down points. The design of the H440 also makes use of a fair number of channels for routing cables neatly. However, there is limited room between the side panel and motherboard tray, and the sound dampening material eats up a lot of room here. nzxt h440 It is also worth remembering that installing motherboards that have large heat sinks or “armor” can potentially eat up clearance at the top of the case, limiting the ability to install radiators or make it more challenging at the least. The clearance at the top of the case is narrow, to begin with, so it shrinks quickly when large motherboards encroach upon it. Those issues aside, obtaining a tidy build in the

H440 isn’t overly complicated. nzxt h440 dimensions Value and Conclusion When the H440 launched, it was NZXT’s flagship case priced at $120. Today, the H440 can be had for $80 and remains a popular choice. The H440 helped establish many of the trends in case tooling we see today, including PSU shrouds and a cleaner front panel by excluding optical drive support. NZXT released a spiral successor of sorts in the H-700, and while that case certainty stands on its own merits, it also costs $150. The H440 still offers supreme value with its forward-thinking features, myriad of different cooling options, and mostly metal construction. Nzxt H440 Black Friday Deals 2022 For some, the lack of external drive support will be a deal-breaker. The H440’s design could have also included more room for cable management. Lastly, as will all acrylic windows, the one adorning the H440 is no different; it’s very prone to scratching, even from gentling cleaning.


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