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Nikon Coolpix P1000 Black Friday Deals 2022

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Considering that the old Coolpix P900 held the optical zoom range recording at 83x, it has come as some surprise that Nikon has seen fit to obliterate its own record. We examine this new ultra-zoom bridge camera standard to find out whether there is more to the P1000 than just big numbers.

Nikon Coolpix P1000 Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

Go big or go home. That is Nikon’s sentiment in regards to their most recent offering in the consistently-popular”superzoom” class. Yet they decided that was not enough zoom and made the somewhat outrageous Coolpix P1000, which sports a whopping 125x optical zoom range. In other words, this really is a fixed-lens digicam using a 24-3000mm-equivalent zoom lens. That is just a shocking quantity of zoom range for virtually any camera!

Nikon Coolpix P1000 Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

Capable of shooting everything from landscapes to far-off wildlife, the Nikon P1000 is perhaps the most versatile cameras we have come across, particularly if you’re talking about zoom capabilities. But like most things, there are trade-offs to consider before you pick up this or any camera. Like its predecessor — and many superzoom cameras — the P1000 utilizes a very small sensor, a 1/2.3″-kind sensor to be precise, so as to have this kind of long-zooming lens be anywhere near handhold-able. The big downside is that this camera struggles in reduced lighting conditions and with greater ISOs. The smaller sensor, generally speaking, is also just not likely to catch the level of detail compared to that of a larger-sensored camera.

It marries a small 16MP image detector –roughly the very same dimensions as what you find in a smartphoneto an incredibly big, long 125x zoom lens. The result is a bit of a Frankenstein device, with a body as big as an SLR, and a large, permanently attached lens. It’s not the right camera for every photographer or situation, and it requires a fantastic deal of ability to use effectively at maximum zoom. But it will succeed in filling a market, and will get a place in the heart and bag of several photographers, especially to be used in capturing images of distant wildlife.

It costs about half as much as the P1000, seems to be about half the size, and is a better all-arounder. But if you laugh at a zoom with a”mere” 1,365mm reach, the 3,000millimeter zoom of this P1000 may lure you in with its siren song. Just be aware that it requires skill and effort to get strong results in the extreme end of its zoom lens.

4K Video Shooting

While the Coolpix P900 has been limited to Total HD video resolution, the P1000 is able to record high-quality 4K UHD video in 3840×2160 resolution in H.264 / MPEG-4 format, which is impressive. The camera has an HDMI interface to output video to an external recorder or monitor, and also has a microphone port to capture external sound. Have a look at this sample movie from Nikon, which reveals what a close-up of a lion’s face looks like at 3000mm. I don’t do much video, but after looking at this footage, I think the P1000 would be a much better candidate for 4K movie at 3000mm compared to stills!

Although Nikon says the P1000 is effective at just yielding 250 pictures from a single charge, I was easily able to surpass this amount when shooting in the area. Keep in mind that CIPA amounts are calculated according to usage of LCD, EVF and flash, so if you don’t use flash in any way, decrease the use of EVF and LCD, you will find a lot more images than stated by Nikon.

Shooting the Moon

One of the reasons for needing to acquire a camera such as the Coolpix P1000, would be to be able to capture distant subjects in great detail. The moon is a perfect subject for your P1000, because it is possible to literally fill the frame with the Moon! In fact, if you zoom past 2000mm at full Moon, it will be bigger than the frame, which means you will only be able to capture parts of it.

The Coolpix P1000 has a dedicated”Moon Shot Mode”, which is something you can access on the PASM dial. Once you switch to this mode, it is possible to simply align the brackets over the moon, push”OK” and the camera will automatically zoom 1000mm (default behaviour ). If that is not sufficient, you can alter the value from 1000mm to 2000mm, 2400mm or 3000mm throughout the camera menu (Menu -> Moon Shot Mode -> Focal length selection). The Moon Shot Mode also automatically enables a 3-second self-timer, so you don’t end up with a fuzzy image because of camera shake.

While the Moon Shot Mode appears to be rather helpful, it does have one big negative — it switches image recording to JPEG shooting, and there’s no way to change back to RAW through the menu, unless you switch away from the scene mode into among the PASM or Auto modes. This is a major oversight on behalf of Nikon, and appears to become more of a bug / oversight, compared to a planned feature. I hope Nikon addresses this through a firmware update in the future, though considering how long the P1000 has been out, I don’t have much faith in it happening.


Without a doubt, the Nikon Coolpix P1000 is a very distinctive offering that has no real competition now. With its mad 24-3000mm equivalent zoom range, it’s a truly versatile superzoom camera. Bird watchers will love this camerabecause they can get a close-up picture or a movie of their subject without disturbing it. They do not need to carry and set up large and heavy gear, and best of all, they could get it done for under a million bucks!

On the other hand, the camera has its own record of defects. To be able to reach such an enormous zoom range, Nikon had to stick a little 1/2.3″ sensor to the P1000, which obviously limits its potential concerning ISO and dynamic range performance. Even when shooting at foundation ISO in RAW format, an individual can easily see noise patterns, especially when shadows are recovered. Some of the detail appears quite mushy, partially because of the little detector, and partially because the 24-3000m lens is far from being perfect — something we could anticipate from this a superzoom.

My sample didn’t do well on the broad end, as well as the long end in terms of sharpness, especially beyond the middle frame. Even though it may not matter for shooting many topics which will be centered anyway, it is something that you need to always keep in mind. I personally found my iPhone to yield much greater results on the wide-end, which can be disappointing for the P1000, considering how big and heavy it’s in comparison. As I have pointed out in this review, Nikon should take that into consideration.


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