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Gigabyte Gtx 1080 Black Friday Deals 2022

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Gigabyte Gtx 1080 Black Friday DealsBefore the GTX 1080Ti was launched, the GeForce GTX 1080 used to be NVIDIA’s flagship gaming processor. It was based on NVIDIA Pascal(tm). This card, the latest addition to the ultimate gaming platform is Gigabyte Gtx 1080 Black Friday Deals 2022 loaded with gaming horsepower, next-Gen GDDR5X memory at 10 Gbps, and an 8 GB buffer. The GeForce GTX1080Ti has 2560 Cuda cores distributed across 64 ROPs and 160 TMUs. It also features 320.3GB/s memory bandwidth on a 256-bit interface, 7.2 billion transistors and a memory bandwidth of 320.3GB/s. It uses 16nm FinFET technology with a chip size of 314mm2. 6GB VRAM is available, each running at 10 Gbps. The chip is capable of running at 1607MHz base clock, 1733MHz boost clock, and a thermal limit of 94C at 180W. GIGABYTE was established in 1986. It is dedicated to providing high-quality solutions that improve your life. Gigabyte continues to innovate digital worlds, and has created amazing products that provide users with memorable and enriching experiences.

Gigabyte Gtx 1080 Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

Gigabyte stocks a variety of products, including motherboards, graphics card, power supply units, laptops/notebooks, peripherals, desktop PCs, and more. Aorus, a pinnacle in Gigabyte hardware excellence is designed to offer a wide range of innovative gaming products that provide unparalleled pleasures and deliver exceptional performance. Today I’m going to be reviewing the Gigabyte GeForce GTX1080 Windforce OC edition. This card features Gigabyte’s well-respected Windforce triple cooling system. This card has a 2-slot design and no LED gimmicks.

As part of the comparison between Rx Vega 64 cards and the new NVIDIA 1070Ti cards, the card came in a standard cardboard box. The Gigabyte brand name is printed on the front left side. On the bottom left, you will find the logos of Windforce and OC Edition. The bottom right side displays the main features of the Pascal. On the main cover, the half-eye logo image is printed. It is covered by the GEFORCE GTX1080. On the backside of each packing, the model number of the graphics card is printed at the top left. On the left side, you can see the windforce 3X cooling system. This cooler’s heat pipes are in direct contact with the GPU. For extra protection, the fans are 3D-active and have a metallic backplate. The card has 8+2 power phases. Software makes it easy to overclock the graphics card with just one click. The manufacturer recommends a minimum of 500W PSU. The 13 languages that are used to print the main features of the card’s components can be found on the side. This side displays the Gigabyte GeForce GTX1080 in white and green.

Gigabyte Gtx 1080 Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

In the middle of the left side is the EAN, UPC and serial no information label. On the bottom is the model number of your card. Two boxes are located at the bottom, indicating the 3X fans that run the windforce cooler as well as the 8GB GDDR5X RAM on the card. On the top of the packaging box, the manufacturer’s name is printed on the right side. The bottom section is the same as the left. It has the Gigabyte printed on its top. The paddings have an accessory box located on top. To get a closer look at the graphic card that is wrapped in the anti-static sheet, remove it. To protect and ensure safety during transportation, the card should be tucked into the black foam padding.

This card does not include a lot of accessories, as it is not the GTX 1080s’ high-end solution. The package includes a quick guide as well as the installation CD. The Gigabyte GeForce GTX1080 Windforce OC has a double-slot design that is pleasing in appearance and feel. It doesn’t have an LED on the shroud or backplate, which explains its low price. Let’s have a closer look at the card. Because of limitations from the source I was unable to open the card to inspect the PCB or power delivery system. GIGABYTE’s WINDFORCE cooler is featured on this card. It is well-known among gamers and enthusiasts for its quiet operation and effective cooling performance. The WINDFORCE cooling consists three active fans, two aluminum heatsinks and three 8mm composite heatpipes. Three 80mm fans are included in the cooler. The motor hub has the Gigabyte logo etched on each fan. The fan blades are lightweight and have a 3D strike curve. This allows for smooth airflow because the airflow is divided by the triangle fan edge, and then guided through the 3D strike curve on fan surface. GIGABYTE claims this design will produce approximately 23% more airflow compared to the traditional design. When the GPU is at a low temperature or under a specified loading, the semi-passive fans will not turn on. This feature is called 3D Active Fans by Gigabyte. Fans won’t spin below 60 degrees Celsius. You can modify the behavior of fans by using Aorus Engine utility. The card features 3 composite heat pipes that combine thermal conductance with phase transition to efficiently manage heat transfer between solid interfaces. GIGABYTE claims this method will deliver 29% more cooling. The core is covered by a hollow pipe made of sintered powder. The liquid flow channels are located on the outside section, which is covered by the outer portion of the pipe. Two fin stacks are connected to the cooler by heat pipes. For maximum heat dissipation, the fin stacks are nickel-plated and face the triple 80mm fans. For maximum heat dissipation, the heat pipes are in direct contact with GPU. As we saw with the Aorus GeForce GTX1080Ti, there is no copper plate. The shroud design is what I love the most about the overall design. It’s simple but elegant. It covers the entire length of the PCB, and extends beyond it. The shroud has orange-colored stripes that rise above the shroud’s surface. This gives it a bold look. The textured surface is found in the midsections between the fans. These sections are embedded on the shroud. The shroud is separated from the rear IO shield by a gap.

The black plastic cover protects the PCIe connector at the bottom. The contact’s most important points are protected by thermal pads in gray color. For maximum heat dissipation and better airflow, the fins are larger as can be seen on this side. It has a gorgeous full-metal back plate. In the middle is the Gigabyte printed in white. The rear side has an information label that includes the Serial No. The back plate is secured to the PCB with three screws, according to reports. An LED is located on the bottom of the power connector. It blinks white to indicate that the power supply is not stable. Let’s look at the top of the card. This card uses a single 8-pin power connector and reference PCB. This card’s middle section is covered by a shroud that covers the card. It has the Gigabyte embossed. It doesn’t have any LED lighting beneath it. For extra protection, the two SLI fingers can be covered with black plastic covers when not in use. The aluminum fins can be seen. This side is visible because the shroud does not completely cover it. This is to allow for airflow and heat dissipation. Let’s look at the front of the card. To give it a symmetrical look and feel, the shroud covers the PCB length. The heatsink ends with three heat pipes made of composite. This is the location of the header that controls fans’ power. This panel is standard in modern times and includes a HDMI, three Display Ports and one DVI–D port. Two HDMI ports are available on the Aorus GTX 1080Ti, which we reviewed earlier. The Ultra Durable technology of the Gigabyte is featured on the PCB. Gigabyte Gtx 1080 Black Friday Deals 2022 It uses the 2Oz copper PCB, which has solid capacitors, metal chokes and Tier 1 memory. The 8+2 power phases make it easier for the MOSFET to operate at lower temperatures and produce a higher voltage output than the founders edition.


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