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Gerber Multi Tool Black Friday Deals 2022Gerber has a sound, successful tool here. They’re up against rigid, established competition in this category, and provide a fantastic product. Gerber Multi Tool Black Friday Deals 2022 We scoured the market for the very best of the best, and have been evaluating tools for many years now. The Suspension is Gerber’s most refined tool, and hits a sweet price point. There are far better tools and cheaper tools, but at this cost the Suspension is a solid competitor. Only our Best Buy winning Leatherman Wingman edged out the Suspension as the very best value. Lately, Gerber sells this exact same specific tool with only basic cosmetic differences and calls it that the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate. They are exactly the same in design, function, and materials, with the Bear Grylls being more expensive. For large-handed folks, that won’t carry their tool for extended times or distances, the Suspension is a superb budget substitute.

Gerber Multi Tool Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

For many consumers, easy one-handed pliers installation will likely be crucial. Imagine yourself carrying a bolt set up and realizing your wrench is out of reach. You can pull the Gerber Multi Plier 600, engage the pliers, and receive the bolt started. All without letting go with the other hand. And this is the nature of multi-tools: they’re not as good as committed tools, but they will be convenient and accessible much more often. This way, the Gerber is a great pair of pliers to have around. Almost incidentally, there are other resources included on the Multi-Plier 600. The blades and motorists, however, are small and difficult to engage. They’ll serve the purpose if required, but additional offerings can provide more flexibility. If you are looking for a tool which will have blades and saws more readily available, check out our Editors’ Choice winning Leatherman Charge TTI.

Gerber Multi Tool Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

If you are and anything like me, the odds are that you’re finding yourself trapped between the two multitool titans of industry, Leatherman vs Gerber.

To be able to make the decision simpler for you, I purchased several common Leatherman tools and a few popular Gerbers and then spent a week with them all while napping with my brother in Jackson Hole. Bear in mind that these are carried in tandem with a few of my edc knives 90 percent of this time.

If it comes to EDC and outdoor gear, the name Gerber stands out from the rest of the pack.

The main reason why Gerber puts so much focus on the high quality and durability of their products is because they recognize that when people’s lives are on the line, the Gerber multitool is tasked with an important duty.

Things We Didn’t Quite Love

The multitool needed a few minor drawbacks. For example, on our camping trip we had a mechanical issue with our automobiles and the multitool was a little too short in length to reach fully within the engine bay. Little pet peeve, and it was solved with the toolbox we carry around in our trunk of the car.

It is sometimes a tiny bit challenging to start out with one hand. I was working on my vehicle along with my left hand was holding the exhaust up and I caught the multitool with my proper hand and it took me a few seconds to be able to open it. To be honest, I’d received the tool in the email, thus there is a fantastic chance it just had to be broken up in. I place some WD40 on the internal moving parts and was readily able to open it using a single hand.

I am right handed and my girlfriend is left handed. She said she had somewhat of a hard time starting it with her left hand, but after she got it was a moot issue. The instrument worked just fine inside her southpaw handson.


The Gerber Suspension MultiTool is the perfect mixture of function and form. It’s made by an American firm with a long history of earning knives and multitools. Gerber takes customer testimonials and concerns very attentively and with every passing season, incorporates new features and designs into their products. This long history of invention (Saf.T.Plus) makes for a multitool that may not be beat, just replicated by the competition.

One of the greatest features of this multitool is it has a very sleek design for this. If you have a peek at the luxury Glock 19 handguns, you’ll find the slides have experienced metal machined out of them to make them lightweight and sturdy. The same goes for the Suspension multitool. The cut-out regions make this multitool seem very glossy and slick…a long ways away from the boxy, ugly, thick multitools that flooded the market 10 decades back.

For the cost, the Gerber Suspension MultiTool is a solid tool which should last you a literal lifetime if you take care of it (a little basic maintenance every couple of months will allow it to go a very long way). Any flaws we recorded above were literal only inconveniences with respect to the quality and value of build.


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