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Best Motherboard For Gaming Black Friday Deals 2022

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Best Motherboard For Gaming Black Friday Deals 2022Your choice of motherboard should not be an afterthought.Best Rice Cooker Black Friday Deals 2022 Sureyour graphics card and CPU are less difficult to get excited about, since they’re the components which are most closely associated with all the in-game settings you’ll have to dial up and how quickly you’ll be running your own games. However, your motherboard choice goes well beyond ascertaining your CPU compatibility, also it’s a lot more to do with all the capacities your gaming PC will ultimately have.

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The ability to set up multiple graphics cards get loads of bandwidth through numerous PCIe lanes will return to your motherboard and its own chipset. Your motherboard will even play to how much overclocking you can do, what RAM speeds you can enable via XMP, and how many different storage devices you can attach — just because a motherboard has eight SATA ports and two M.2 slots doesn’t you can populate all of those with drives.

Best Rice Cooker Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

With these items in mind, it is worth considering your motherboard carefully before getting too excited about what your gaming PC will have the ability to do based off just its CPU and GPU. To help you through this collection procedure, we have rounded up a lot of quality motherboards for both Intel and AMD systems, and that means that you can find one that checks all your boxes. If you’re constructing a more streamlined system, then you need to also check out the best Micro ATX motherboards. If you are surfing in the united kingdom, click here to find out where you can find the best gaming headset.

Even though it might look like these motherboards have the exact same socket AMD has employed since introducing its first Zen-based HEDT chips, this new platform utilizes a brand new sTRX4 socket which makes buying a new motherboard essential to any Threadripper 3rd Generation method.

While this is going to be a hassle to those expecting to keep on with their X399 motherboards into the next generation, you get PCI-Express 4.0 support. In fact, you get 48 PCIe 4.0 lanes directly off the processor itself afterward another 24 in the TRX40 chipset–just be ready to pay for some pricey motherboards
What to search for in a Gaming MotherboardBelow we’ve broken down the many chipsets that Intel and AMD processors support along with exactly what specifications and features you should look for in a motherboard.

You might be wondering what makes a motherboard good for gaming when you can pretty much match (to a limited degree) within an Ultrabook nowadays. Well, it comes down to deciding on a gaming headset, you’ll want to find one that will do all you need, whether that be overclocking your processor, having multiple M.2 slots for the fastest solid-state pushes or Nvidia SLI and AMD Crossfire support to plug more than one graphics card.

But let’s quickly go back to the most elementary thing that you should look for when buying a motherboard: chipsets. Intel and AMD chips are designed to operate with many different tiered chipsets. The highest-end Intel motherboards may comprise a Z390 chipset that supports the hottest Intel 9th Generation processors with native 802.11ac Wi-Fi along with USB 3.1 Gen 2 connectivity as well as 24 PCIe lanes. Additionally, these high-end motherboards will likely be made of better materials and elements to consistently provide the power required for pruning elements attached to them.

Just below that, you will come across a Z370 chipset that is almost identical to this Z390 chipset, but it lacks the native 802.11ac Wi-Fi along with USB 3.1 Gen 2 support. Next up is your Intel B360 chipset, which drops the amount of PCIe lanes to 12. Lastly, the Intel H310 chipset only supports six PCIe lanes.

AMD motherboards mostly adhere to the same tiered system, but you are going to be able to overclock your CPU on just about any motherboard. The highest-end chipset on this platform is X570 and it complicates matters a bit with PCIe 4.0 lanes that support double the bandwidth of PCIe 3.0 lanes. X570 comes with 16 PCIe 4.0 lanes along with a Ryzen 3rd Generation CPU itself adds another 20 PCIe 4.0 lanes.

Older AMD AM4 platforms such as X470 supports 28 PCIe 3.0 lanes, meanwhile, B450 motherboards only have access to 24 PCIe PCIe 3.0 lanes. The A320 chipset is the only one that doesn’t support overclocking Ryzen CPUs, but honestly, you would be better off spending a bit more on a B450 or even B350 motherboard rather.


We said PCIe lanes before and these are important because they dictate how many high-speed parts you can install in your PC. By way of example, a single graphics card can use up 16 PCIe lanes and every NVMe SSD requires four PCIe lanes to function at its highest speed.

You will also want to search for a motherboard including all the bodily PCIe slots that you need to plug in your components. The great thing is that the majority ATX boards come with at least two to three PCIe slots to slot in numerous GPUs utilizing either Nvidia SLI or AMD Crossfire. M.2 PCIe slots are also crucial for plugging at the speediest NVMe solid-state drives, if they are part of your build also.

And those are pretty much the fundamentals you want to learn about buying yourself a quality motherboard. Be aware that we’ve primarily selected only the best full-sized ATX motherboards in this guide, but there will also be microATX and Mini-ITX motherboards to consider if you are building a more compact.


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