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Baun Series 7 Black Friday Deals 2022

Baun Series 7 Black Friday Deals 2022If one or more of these features are missing from your shaving regimen, you are bound to encounter leftover flashes, cuts, irritated skin, or even dreadful razor bumps. Baun Series 7 Black Friday Deals 2022

The older Braun Series 7 has long been my favourite shaver for avoiding all those headaches, so if the new version came out, I decided to test the upgrades, including a sleeker body along with a detachable trimmer mind as opposed to a built-in one. The short of it is that the updates do create the new version better than the older.

Baun Series 7 Black Friday Deals 2022– Sales Discount Offer

Braun is one of the most trustworthy brands in regards to electric shavers.

The Braun Series 7 is a tasteful foil-style shaver with a metallic gray color. The shaver comes in a kit with a black charging and cleaning station. The Braun Pulsonic shaver isn’t just popular because of its looks, but because it was called the “world’s number one shaver brand” with a leading market research institute.

Baun Series 7 Black Friday Deals 2022– Guide

What it is like to utilize


After using an older version of this Braun Series 7, which, for the album, still works wonderfully, I gave the newer 7071cc version a try because the changes appeared large. After a single shave and cut, I affirmed that the changes were, in fact, significant improvements to an already good shaver.

The largest improvement in the layout is the new 360° Flex Head shaver that contours to the bottoms of your face and neck. As mentioned before, the older Braun Series 7 featured an eight-directional flexible head, and although did get the job done, the range of motion pales compared to the 360° Flex Head. Employing the 7071cc model feels effortless, even in hard-to-shave regions such as your Adam’s apple or jawline.

I usually wear a mustache and goatee with a clean shave in my head and neck, but more recently I’ve allowed my facial hair grow at a little — and that is where the second most important improvement, the re-designed trimmer attachment, comes in handy many.

In the redesign of the Series 7, Braun eliminates this slide-out trimmer on the front of the apparatus and replaced it with a detachable trimmer that goes on top in place of the shaver. This is a fantastic improvement because you can see what you’re doing while you’re trimming today. The outdated fashioned trimmer was suitable because it could not be lost or dropped, but it was difficult to use. I lacked the confidence to do more detailed trims as a result of bad visibility.

Left: The older Series 7 has a slide out trimmer, but it is blocked with the shaver head when looking in the mirror. Right: The new Braun Series 7 7071cc version includes a trimmer attachment that goes instead of this shaver head, which allows for full visibility. Amir Ismael/Insider

Together with the 7071cc version, I will cut my mustache, beard, and my hairline with accuracy. The more ergonomic design of this 7071cc also boosted my confidence whilst trimming. It’s perfect for remaining clean in between haircuts and that I heavily relied on it when barbershops were shut during social bookmarking orders.

The Series 7 is also completely waterproof, so it is possible to use it for dry or wet shaving, letting you bring it in the shower or wash it off in the sink — something not all electrical shavers can perform.

Cons to Think about

To be frank, there are not any real cons to this particular model. When considering cost ($150), the versatility of shaving and trimming features, and its dependability for effectively cutting different hair types and thicknesses, the Braun Series 7 (7071cc) made it into our guide to shavers as the best alternative overall.

But, there are different shavers out there with slight upgrades that may be worth it to you in the event that you shave daily. The Braun Series 9 can be obtained for about double the price, and it has higher-end features like a cutting platform to handle hairs which grow in different directions more seamlessly and also a titanium-coated build. It is possible to read my full review of the Braun Series 9 here.


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