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アドビ、「Camera Raw」と「DNG Converter」のRC版をリリース. 市川ソフトラボラトリー、「SILKYPIX」シリーズをGR DIGITAL IIIに対応. アドビ、「Creative Suite」の次期バージョンはPower PCを非サポート. アップル、「Mac OS X ニコン、「ViewNX」と「Nikon Transfer」をアップデート. フェーズワン、「Capture One 4」の対応機種を拡充. エプソン、「Imaging WorkShop」のRAW対応機種を拡充. ペガシス、「TMPGEnc その場でスライドショー」をアップデート. イーフロンティア、デジタルフォトフレーム利用者向けの「ACDSee Photo Frame Manager」.

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Windows XPが「exFAT」に対応. アップル、Apertureなどが対象の「Media Browser Update」公開. In the version that is still stable and before you could import from a hard drive by simply adding it to a catalog, OR by moving it from one folder to another, depending on how you set the options.

Could it have been so difficult to use the dumbed down window but also provide us the option of selecting the infinitely more complicated and confusing previous import window?

I just went to import in file menu and it crashed program. try to delete rejects, crashes program. get rid of the landscape photo in the background too. if I can work on mine. well i can because fortunately i still have LR 5. I think this is a natural out come of the updating process of Creative Cloud. If everything happens so seamlessly why have a beta program? I think the current updating process fosters a different mindset.

Once I understood it, the interface struck me as cleaner and clearer than the old version, which I had grown used to and liked a lot. The one feature I missed was auto-eject. Could somebody please explain it? Is it rooted in disdain for change? A perception that Adobe has disrespected its customers by not seeking their input? Has the Internet made outrage our default emotion? A wish to feel superior to new users? Or is it something specific in the functionality beyond missing auto-eject?

Not advocating for any particular view here, just relating my own experience, and seeking clarity on what I am clearly failing to grasp.

Many of them are explicit in their critiques. Jack, I agree with you about being able to do just about everything as before with the new UI which I disabled. However, the anger and frustration, crashes and freezes aside, is that so many depend upon seeing and using the Destination Folder, seeing the custom name in filename format, being able to MOVE files, to automatically eject the card after import and to actually be able to see and get zoomed into a potential import photo rather than seeing some giant check mark and a greyed out image.

The removal of those functions is what is causing the furor. Paying customers depend upon the ability to use some or all of those functions when then want to, which is probably on every import. Got it, Florian. Thanks for your concision and specificity. Along with all the other issues this upgrade has disabled my plug -in extras so I can not link a photo over to On One photo suite. I have light room 6 working on a windows 7 desktop.

I can open edit in dropdown and the plugin links work from that option so I guess wait and see before I revert back to version 6. Super fast with a lot of great features. Then Lightroom becomes the intro software. Lightroom unfortunately has no compition 🙁. Since the first LR beta I found the import function has fallen far short of my needs.

I use DownloaderPro. It gives me far better control of file naming and file destination. The process is fully automated once setup. Still there from day 1. Bob Silva says: October 12, at am Bring back the old import dialogue, I like to rename my photos on import. There are plenty of legitimate complaints to be made about bugs, missing features and UI fine tuning.

Too many of the requests to Adobe are from people unfamiliar with the new UI. Can they take seriously people asking to bring back features that are still there or the equivalent?

I understand Adobes desire to update the look and interface of Lightroom. In the past when they have come up with new ideas about doing stuff within their software, they have almost always left the old way alone.

For example, how many ways are there now to change your brush size in Phtoshop. Go into the brush menu, bracket keys, scrubby sliders and so on. The same applies to so many facets PS and LR, ID etc. Updating the import feature of LR would be great for some, but the more extensive features should still be there. Thanks for representing us, Scott. Seeing what Adobe had done — shipping the bug and removing critical features — just made me sick. I love Lightroom, and have recommended it to so many others over the years, and they have loved it too.

That Adobe so ignored both the welfare and needs of their established, loyal user base is shocking, and makes me concerned about the future viability of their products. Scott, It would be nice if Adobe made some statement that they were considering addressing the missing functions that resulted in the tsunami of protests and venom from their faithful user base.

Their silence on that part of the issue is deafening. There may very well be a significant exodus of very professional and influential photographers and users if that is not corrected I fear. I would take the results of this poll with a grain of salt. Are people that did not upgraded yet allowed to vote? Many of them had misguided opinions on the new interface. Are old time users the best to judge how a new user would feel? Choosing file destination is the same as any other software. You know how to save a Word document?

You know how to save files in LR now. I completely by-passed the old complex interface by working on the left pane in the Library module. Right-click on a folder to add a new folder and rename. Right-click on this empty folder and choose import to this folder. The new UI did not change anything to my work flow and successfully imported around images with the new import dialog with renaming, presets, metadata, etc..

Fix the bugs unusable image selection in one image view for import for example. Regardless of the UI, unacceptable to ship and update with so many bugs. Bring back some missing features to make some people happy.

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